Individuals Psychotherapy

While I specialize in couples therapy, I am available to work with you individually in a variety of ways:

  • You may wish your partner would come for couples therapy and be unable to convince him/her. I can help you achieve this goal.
  • If you are single, and finding you go from one unsatisfying relationship to another, I can help you understand your “attachment style”
  • If you are newly separated or divorced I can help you find your footing in a different dating world
  • If you are a new parent I can support you in your struggle to find space for yourself

Whatever your situation utilizing a mindfulness approach I can help you overcome the obstacles that block you from feeling deeply connected to others in your life.

Dianne Kane, LCSW, DSW
certified EFT therapist


817 Broadway @12th Street
5th floor  NYC 10003


364 W 117 St
NYC 10026

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